This homework is due for our class in Week 3: Homework 1

If you can’t view it or print it out, try dragging-and-dropping it into Google Chrome.  If that doesn’t work, e-mail me sooner rather than later!  My e-mail address is on the front cover of your Supplementary Book.

So, I decided that you don’t have to do all of the ‘Supplementary Exercises 1’ in the Supplementary Book yet.  You only have to do Parts 1 and 5 for now.   You can do the rest if you have time, but I will only check Parts 1 and 5 next class.

If you don’t have a Supplementary Book yet, please buy one from the copy room in the basement of WonHyoGwan.

If you miss class, please do the homeworks anyway.

P.S.  You must have an English nickname by next class!  Write it in Part 5 of the Supplementary exercises.   It doesn’t have to be a name that parents give their children; it can just be a name that describes you well e.g. “Cool Girl”, or just something you like e.g. “Sausages”, for instance.  The free iOS app ‘Name Dice‘ may help you come up with a name.